F A M I L Y     F O U N D A T I O N     v a n     R I J 

Family foundation van Rij  

Family foundation van Rij

Founded 2004

Registration Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce 24362486

The Foundation's objectives are:

to gather information on the van Rij family and to stimulate contacts between family members.

to gather, keep and preserve documents and items that hold any relation to the family van Rij.

Foundation board
Joop van Rij chair
Dago Hendrikson secretary web-site
Gijs van Rij treasurer profile


Genealogical workgroup
Dago Hendrikson web-site
Joop van Rij
Heleen Dijkstra
Marnix van Rij
Henk van Rij
Wim Snijders
Daag van Rij
Kees van Rij
Meerten van Rij
Hans van Rij
Gijs van Rij web-site
Martin Los
Gert van Rijn
Rebekka van Rij

In memory of these researchers
Piet van Rij
Pim van Rije

Research literature


Sponsors of the foundation

More information on sponsoring can be found on our Sponsor page.

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