F A M I L Y     F O U N D A T I O N     v a n     R I J 

Family foundation van Rij / van Ry    

Welcome to the website of the family foundation "van Rij"

What is the purpose of this foundation?

The family foundation van Rij is founded to facilitate research into the family history and to maintain the family archives.

Furthermore the foundation wants to stimulate the contacts between members of the family.

If you need more information on the genealogical research, please contact the research group.
Through this link you can learn more about the family foundation van Rij.

What is there to be found on this website?

For our overseas family members we have a special international page.

Contact between family members

A very important goal of the foundation is to promote the initiation and the maintenance of contacts between the family members.

The van Rij family once lived in a very confined area.
Over the years the family members spread all over the globe.

The foundation wants to stimulate the contacts by means of this website, forums, publications etc.

You can acquaint yourself with other family members through our contacts page.


The research group is always interested in documents, (digital) pictures, stories and the like.
Do you own such materials, but are not sure whether the researchers will be interested? Please contact the research group.

Some examples can be found on the news page.

Family history

Due to the efforts of a number of researchers, an extended family history is published.
It is named "De familie van Rij op een rij" (Dutch pun intended).
It contains over 3000 family members, including all spelling variants as shown at the top left-hand side of this page.

More information on the book can be found here.

The research group made a summary of the family history. You can find this family history here.
The current distribution of the family in the Netherlands is visualized on this map.

Here you will find some special family stories.

More on genealogy

Do you want to know where you fit into the genealogy of the van Rij family ?
Then fill out this request form

Do you want your family data to be entered in the "Provisional Family Tree van Rij"?
Then fill out this registration form.

visit Genealogy here and abroad for more information on this subject.