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In memory of Abraham Leendert van Rij  

The history of Abraham Leendert van Rij    30-5-1896 (48)   details

In 1944 Abraham Leendert van Rij is a prisoner of war on Java.
He is shipped to Sumatra to work on the Pekanbaru-railroad.
His ship the Junyo Maru is torpedoad and over 5000 prisoners drown.

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De Junyo Maru

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The Junyo Maru was a Japanese ship that was torpedoed on 18 september 1944 by the British submarine HMS Tradewind, resulting in the loss of over 5,000 lives.

It was one of the biggest sea disasters in history with almost four times the amount of casualties as with the Titanic.

The steamer was torpedoed by the submarine because (contrary to international agreements) the Junyo Maru did not carry signs that it was carrying prisoners of war.

Details on the disaster with the Junyo Maru

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