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Family stories  

In memory of Abraham van Rij
Abraham van RijIn 1941 Abraham van Rij was 2nd officer on the SS Texelstroom.
On the 22nd of february the ship was torpedoed a few miles of the coast of Iceland.
None of the crew members survived the attack.
In memory of Arie van Rij
  In 1943 Arie van Rij is one of the prisoners working on the Birma railroad.
He gets sick and dies of the peril in the hospital of Canbury.
In memory of Abraham Leendert van Rij
  In 1944 Abraham Leendert van Rij is a prisoner of war on Java.
He is shipped to Sumatra to work on the Pekanbaru-railroad.
His ship the Junyo Maru is torpedoad and over 5000 prisoners drown.
In memory of Jacob van Rij
  In 1943 Jacob van Rij died in a field hospital in Kinsayok.
He was a prisoner of war working on the Burma railroad.
In memory of Jacob Leendert van Rij
  On 29th of April 1945 Jacob van Rij was shot in a German raid on the 'Jachthuis' in Zevenhuizen.
Jacob was a policeman and member of the resistance and at the time deputy commander of the BS (Dutch forces in occupied territory).
In memory of Eliza Jan van Rij
Lize van Rij12 januari 1942 Eliza Jan van Rij served as Ltz II under commander A. C. van Versendaal on HMS Prins van Oranje.
The ship was sunk near the island of Boengoe.

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