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In memory of Jacob Leendert van Rij  

The history of Jacob Leendert van Rij    5-10-1906 (38)   details

On 29th of April 1945 Jacob van Rij was shot in a German raid on the 'Jachthuis' in Zevenhuizen.
Jacob was a policeman and member of the resistance and at the time deputy commander of the BS (Dutch forces in occupied territory).

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Jachthuis 'Jolly Duck' in Zevenhuizen (ZH)

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On Sunday 29th of april 1945 (5 days before the capitulation) members of the resistance including Jacob, his wife Alie and son Jaapje were present in the Jachthuis in Zevenhuizen.
Among them was a German soldier in captivity and the crew of a Royal Air Force bomber who made a crash landing in Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel.

All of a sudden they were raided by a group of 25 Germans appeared trying to arrest them all.
The resistance of a.o. Jacob enabled most of them to escape the scene.
Jacob died while backing them up.

Grafsteen van Jacob Leendert van Rij

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At 31st of october 1945 Jacob Leendert van Rij was buried with military honor at the Old Church in the dorpsstraat in Zoetermeer. Together with Jan Hoorn and Cornelis van Eerden who were shot at 5th of may (the day of the capitulation).

10 April 1953 he was decorated posthumously with the Bronze Lion.

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